Why are we different?

As we have previous experience over a number of years working with prestige Estate Agency businesses we have always found that the personal touch coupled with a very high level of service ensures that clients come back again and again to instruct ourselves to buy or sell a property.

This does set us apart from larger agencies who you may find lose that edge when dealing with homebuyers and of course sellers.

The difference with Berkeley Property is it’s personal not transactional.

Our knowledge is second to none

It’s in our DNA to be inquisitive and the more we know about an area the better prepared we are to help you buy the property you are searching for.
As we are situated in the West End of Glasgow ( some of our team live in that area) this gives us a head start on other estate agencies, you will want to know about up and coming area’s, schools, developments in the area and most importantly what is available socially if your into that kind of thing!

Marketing is changing for Estate Agents

As the internet takes over the world and constantly grows, we are always on the look out for the latest marketing trends that can help you advertise and find a property when you want and where you want.

By introducing a mix of traditional advertising ( property signage and property websites ) and more inventive ways, ( HD video, drone footage, social media, property showcase events and online advertising ) we believe that our approach and re-investment in technology can aid you in your property search or indeed sale.

Transparency equals trust

Berkeley Property is an Independent Estate Agency.

Our proactive approach allows you to be informed when things change in the marketplace and this helps you decide what is right for you at the right time.
We are governed by a code of conduct (this would go here) this ensures that all our property transactions are monitored and our marketing activities are ethical and in the best interest of you our client.

Ask us a question

We are sure that you will talk with other estate agents before making any instruction to buy and or sell a property, before you make the final commitment get in touch with us and if we believe that we can help you and you understand how we can help you it may be the best call you have ever made.

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