Glasgow West End: What, where and why!

When deciding on which property to purchase, one of the major factors is of course location. Whether buying a flat or family home, that area you choose can be determined by several different factors. With Glasgow being Scotland’s most populated city, there are many spots to choose from, all offering something different for individuals. Hillhead To Hyndland Within the West End, there are numerous neighborhoods including Hillhead with its blonde sandstone tenements and mix of cafes that attract a young […]

Online agents, high street agents and the perfect balance

Online agents, high street agents and the perfect balance At Berkeley Property, we do things differently. We are here to always get the best result for our clients who are selling and always happy to give advice to buyers who need it. There are different types of agent and all offer something that they claim will be innovative. Below we show just how each type of agent can and does work and we explain what Berkeley Property can do for […]

Hitting The Spot

Hitting the Spot The property market in the UK is talked about constantly from government right down to the buyer. The reality for some, is that it can be one of the most stressful periods in life. One way we can help is to highlight those areas that may suit a buyer; The West End From Students to TV personalities, the West End of Glasgow contains an eclectic mix to say the least. The G12 postcode for countless years has […]

Tax Tips For Buyers

Tax tips for buyers   Stamp duty, LBTT, Additional dwelling supplement – all terms that buyers will hear at some point. Not only can be it be difficult to understand, but it can at times be confusing as to how it is paid or who pays it.   Stamp Duty is no more and was replaced by Land Buildings Transaction Tax (LBTT) which came into effect on April 1st, 2015. While following a similar concept of Stamp Duty, there are […]